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Centauri Saga

Most Anticipated Games 2016

Type: Co-op, 4X
Players: 1 to 4 (up to 6 with Expansion)
Play time: 60 - 90 minutes
Age: 13+
Retail Price: $70 USD

Centauri Saga

"Jump successful Captain!"

You breath again with relief: your armada is one of the first to safely cross the Jumpgate to a hostile alien system!

Everywhere around you sensors pick up extreme radiation levels, weird energy fluctuations, a madly gyrating asteroid field and solar winds like you've never seen before in any quadrant.

The alarm sounds as alien ships dart out of the asteroid field. Your Stormcrows move in unison to repel the attackers while the rail guns of your Star Destroyers rain death upon them!

You defeat the Raiders this time, but... they will be back.

The Boardgame

Centauri Saga is a Sci-fi/4X board game for 1 to 4 players, supporting both Co-Operational and PvP mode. Players begin with a mission that defines the setting and their goals and then guide their Armada through unexplored sectors (hexagons) of Alpha Centauri. However, players are not alone. They will encounter various Raiders and Bosses representing a hidden alien menace in the Centauri system. Your Saga begins now!

Centauri Saga Game Setup
(Click to enlarge)
5 Games in 1

Centauri Saga is a modular game that provides a solid foundation to create multiple scenarios each one with unique gameplay features! With the core game you get 6 scenarios:

  • Fixing the Jumpgate: Pick up & delivery
  • Safe Passage: Survival & Escort
  • Lost Starbases: Search & Rescue
  • Open Confrontation: Survival (Tower-Defense-like)
  • Distress Call: Search & Escort

Coming Soon: Vesuvius Media Hive online service. Create your own game scenarios and share them online with our great community!

Centauri Saga Rulebook
Playtesting at Board Room Cafe
  • 47 Plastic Miniatures (9 unique designs)
  • 31 Hexagon Tiles
  • 92 Mini Cards (Standard Euro Mini)
  • 111 Cards (Standard Euro)
  • 49 Punch Board Tokens
  • 20 Acrylic Gems
  • 30 Black Wooden Cube Tokens
  • 5 XPM Tokens (Custom Plastic Miniature/Component)
  • 28 pages Rulebook
  • 4 Player Mats
  • 10 Dice
Centauri Saga Components