Do you have a great idea about a game? Do you want to make it happen? Vesuvius Media can help you make your dreams come true!

Competition in the game industry is huge! There are hundreds of new games released daily and their quality is above average. At the same time, big companies are spending millions of dollars on marketing, which no new developer can match.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” John Wanamaker

How do you compete?

The answer is simple: Be smart!

Invest in your brand!
Build a community. Use social media to create hype.
Minimise your risks. Maximise your revenues.

Community driven cross-media Marketing

Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars producing one mobile game, invest in creating multiple revenue streams at the same time. That way when you start spending to create awareness for your game IP (Intellectual Property), your potential customers will have the choice to play either a browser game, a mobile game, a board game or even read a graphic novel!

Quality of Service: All of the services we provide have already been implemented successfully to push and promote our own IPs! The proof of our great work comes from the words written by our community. Check our online forums and read the comments on our Kickstarter campaigns!

Board Games

We can design a great board game for you. Whether you have a game idea or you have a mobile game that you would like to make into a board game, we can help you achieve this and walk you through the steps of the production process. Our services include the following:

  • Game Design
    We have experienced game designers on our team. We can either come up with ideas/concepts for a board game, or help you complete your own idea/design.

  • Manufacturing
    Even if you have a great game, you have to make it "retail market ready" to be considered for general distribution. Preparing your board game for the retail market (i.e. deciding exactly what components should be in the final product, the box size, the final price, etc.) is a talent on its own. We can help! We will also help you find a quality manufacturer that will produce your game the way you want for the right price.

  • Kickstarter
    It may seem easy, but designing and executing a successful Kickstarter campaign is a difficult and complicated endeavour. This is your chance to communicate with all your potential backers, gather feedback, and make yourself known. We can help you create a professional campaign page with a professional video, invite esteemed reviewers to show off your game, give you guidelines for handling your updates, help you plan for fulfilment and create your pledge levels to make sure you cover your costs, and advise you on how to effectively spend your marketing dollars on online ads and promotions. Remember, if you execute a Kickstarter campaign poorly, your campaign may fail and not be funded... but that is not the worst that could happen. The worst case scenario is if your campaign is successfully funded, but you didn't plan your production and fulfilment correctly. You could lose a huge amount of money!

  • Fulfilment
    We have affiliated companies in the USA, Canada and Europe, which allows us to avoid complicated procedures and extra custom charges when importing games. We are also affiliated with distribution centers in USA, UK, Germany, and China. This allows us to deliver games at lower costs to backers and potential distributors worldwide. No hidden costs, no surprise charges!

  • Distribution
    Every year we attend major conferences and trade shows around the world to promote our games. This includes: Gen Con (USA), SPIEL a.k.a. Essen (Germany), UK Expo (England), Hal Con (Canada), Geequinox (Canada), Spielwarenmesse (Germany), GAMA (USA), and Game Developer Conference (USA). We will bring your game with us, show it off to distributors, and try to bring it to the mass market. Vesuvius Media is already affiliated with many distributors/publishers for our current board games (Mysterious Island, Mandala Jogos, Arrakis Games, Black Monk, Mosigra, Spieleschmiede, Mage Company)

Online Games (Browser & Mobile)

Creating a game from scratch can be a time consuming and expensive process. By working with us, you will have access to our proven game technologies, which will speed up the development process and lower costs. Our game platforms and frameworks have been thoroughly tested and can be used to build a range of games from very simple to extremely complicated!

Vesuvius Media Framework

Our platform allows us to create games that have the following features:

  • User management and scaling capabilities
  • Quest Management
  • City Building features: construct buildings, upgrade them, produce items/units etc from them
  • App Store/Google Play Store/Facebook Store integration
  • Achievements
  • Chat
  • Forums and Private Messages
  • Pet Arena
  • Animated Battle Logs
  • Technology Trees

Check out our titles

Graphic Novels

One of the best ways to create hype about your product is to have the community talk about it. Banner ads are rarely talked about... but if you share a story... now you're talking! Our experience has proven that spending money to get "CPIs" via Google AdWords or Facebook Ads is not as effective as creating a graphic novel, which you can share each week, page by page, with your fans! This process generates social media traction and, at the end, you have a product you can produce and push into the the market!

Being smart about the way you spend your marketing budget is the way to go!

We have talented artists and story writers who can help you bring your idea into the printed market!

How much?

It all comes down to cost. We have a flexible team that can provide you with either a one-stop service or parts of our services as needed. You choose and we will come up with a plan that suits your needs. Here is an approximate break down of costs for a game like Universe Online and to port it into all markets at the same time:

Vesuvius Media Services

Co-Production / Co-Investment

We are always looking for new ideas and new games to invest in. So, pitch us your idea and if we like it, we are willing to invest 30% of the above costs for 25% of the revenue.

At the same time, we will use our resources to promote the games. We will run the Kickstarter campaign through our account and we will promote it to our current community/followers. We will use our distributors and publishers (either board game or mobile) to bring the games into the market. We will showcase the game in our exhibit booth at trade shows, promote it to publishers and distributors, and split the revenue with you!

Contact Us for a Quote

We understand that each idea and each game is completely different. Contact us and let's discuss to find the best solution that fits your needs!

Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request and someone from our team will contact you to help with the next steps in developing your ideas and IPs (Intellectual Properties)!

IP Development

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