Atlantean World

Atlantean World

Atlantean world is a casual resource management, simulation game where you take the role of a young explorer in his quest to rebuild Atlantis and help the surrounding underwater civilization flourish once again.

As the young ruler of Atlantis you will need to help rebuild the damage done during the last war with the evil that is lurking within the dark waters of the ocean. You will need to set up a production line and start harvesting resources to help your citizens rebuild their homes and get ready to face your enemies when they will decide to strike again

Game features include:

  • Gathering Resources
  • Construction and Upgrade of Buildings
  • Crafting of various Items
  • Acquisition and Training of Pets
  • Daily Quests
  • An elaborate scenario and an underwater world to be explored
  • Weekly Events and Competitions
Swordfish Crab Orca
Fresh Water Distillery Black Pearl Farm Black Pearl Farm

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