1. Chase!

A Pirates Gambit - Scene 1

"Distance 11 megameters and closing awefully fast!"

Commander Jack Norton loud curse echoed around the bridge. His specially modified turtle was very low on fuel, so its maneuverability was severely limited, especially this close to the lunar surface. His men worked frantically on their panels, knowing full well what awaited them should GSS Intrepid catch them.

Norton was running out of options. All power had been diverted to the aft shields, with whatever little left powering the engines. The star destroyer was so far using only a fraction of its firepower, presumably because they wanted to capture them alive.

"If the chase goes on for much longer", Norton thought, "they will stop hesitating."

Another loud bang echoed from the left side and the burning smell intensified. The actual damage didn't really matter at this point; deep down, Norton knew his craft was doomed.

"It had been a good run, though!" he told himself. "Ain't no angel myself, true, but at least we stung the bastards hard!"