3. Ramming Speed?

A Pirate's Gambit

Commander Norton took a deep breath. A GEG star destroyer was chasing him above the lunar surface but he wouldn't let them catch him. At any cost.

"Johnson, calculate a quick trajectory reversal and target the Intrepid. Martin, prepare to switch all remaining power, including life support, to the front shields!"

Johnson and Martin briefly locked eyes with their commander. They understood.

"Yes Sir!" they echoed in unison.

Norton unlocked the self-destruct initiator. He thought of Silvia, the only woman he had ever loved. As he recalled her last words before their separation, the world grew hazy.

"There should be another way!"

"No, there is no other way. If I stay here, they'll catch me. We'll all die!"

He could almost feel her shaking his arm.

"Commander? Commander? Are you alright?"

Norton came out of his reverie. He wasn't saying his farewells to Silvia, he was on his bridge with GSS Intrepid about to pulverize him - and Max "Lightning" Russel, his navigator, was shaking his arm. Norton blinked.

"What's up Max?"