4. Hide and Seek

A Pirat's Gambit

Commander Norton shook his head and looked up to his navigator. Max "Lightning" Russel was shaking his arm.

"Commander, there should be another way! We're heading to the Sikorsky crater."

Amid the cacophony of distant explosions by his protesting vessel, Norton was instantly on his feet.

"Show me!"

Max pointed at his monitor.

"That's Chamberlin on the far left and Sikorsky is straight ahead."

Another explosion almost shook them off their feet. Norton ignored it and pointed at the image.

"If we dive and then turn to port..."

"Yep, we take one to starboard and hide within Schrödinger!"

"Now you see me, now you don't", thought Norton. "It's our only hope."

"Johnson, scrap that reversal! Hard to port and then quickly down into that valley!"