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Centauri Saga (formally known as Universe Online) is a massive, multi-player, online space strategy game with an extensive scenario. Players build colonies, research technologies, escape bounty hunters, expose crooked politicians and command space armadas into battle. The game features both PvE and PvP elements.

"I have played Centauri Saga and not only is it an outstanding game, the developers are always looking for ways to improve their game and I expect Nocturion will be no different. Keep up the good work guys!" - SirBartox

"Absolutely spot on! Most members of our allicance have been around for more than 3 years. We have seen players come and go, we were there while the game developed its “story”, and we will probably be here for the next “surprises” that the developers-story tellers have in mind. We all must consider that this game doesn't end!!! There are no alt servers, no seasons. The story goes on. Let's enjoy playing."- khatzi

The backend

Centauri Saga is written in PHP5 with MySQL5 as a database. The main technologies used are DHTML and AJAX. It starts as a resource management game, then it goes into space battle strategy game. Players are asked to face each other, along with NPC races that are handled by the engine itself!

Special Features supported by the engine include:

  • Dynamin Definition of Produced Materials, Buildings, Units, Items and Ranks
  • Robust Quest Definition Engine. You can define for each quest a set of rules that are used to unlock it for each player, checkpoints and objectives. The engine supports different types of quests like "Global", "Seasonal" and "Dailies".
  • A Political game of Influences
  • Special Dungeon Raids. Fully customized on their content (enemies and loots), along with graphics and texts
  • Game Lore engine. Write the story of the game as a "book" and unlock each chapter when specific conditions are met!
  • Dynamic definition of dependencies. Choose which technology unlock which item or building or unit. What level of a building is required to produce what type of resource and more...
  • All different types of game supported: PvP, PvE, GvG!
  • Multilingual Support



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Centauri Saga

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Centauri Saga

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