Backers - Loyalty

We want to thank all of the backers who have been supporting us and helping us create and deliver great games. That is why we created a special Loyalty program.

Whenever you select a pledge that has the Vesuvius Media Loyalty Credit item in it, you will receive a $5 Loyalty Credit for our next Kickstarter campaign to be used for add-ons.

This extra credit will be visible during the checkout process of the Hive Pledge Manager and you will be able to use it to buy add-ons (it can not be used for a main pledge nor for shipping costs).

Keep in mind that the Loyalty Credit is per campaign and not per game. This means that if you backed us only in one campaign, even if you added all three games in a bundle, you will receive $5 credit. We do this to be fair to backers who have paid more shipping costs by supporting us in multiple campaigns.

If you have Loyalty Credit from previous campaigns and choose not to use it in one, then you will have an additional $5 for the next one.

To be eligible for the Loyalty credit, you must pledge for a reward during a live campaign. Late-pledges and pledges of $1 will not qualify for any type of Loyalty credit (credit from past campaigns or credit for future campaigns).

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