Jurassic Feud launches on Kickstarter July 23

Jurassic Feud

Halifax, Canada – Game publisher Vesuvius Media will launch Jurassic Feud, a spin-off of its award-winning title Catapult Feud, July 23 on Kickstarter.

“Just when you thought the battle in the kingdoms couldn't get more chaotic, DINOSAURS enter the battlefield!” laughs Konstantinos Manos, CEO of Vesuvius Media. “Who wouldn't want to launch rubber boulders from dino-catapults to smash your opponent's fortress?!”

Jurassic Feud

Designed by Kristian Fosh (Catapult Feud, Escape from Flat Earth), Jurassic Feud is a 2-player game of last person standing. Players use their bricks to build a fortress, place their warriors on top of the bricks, then take turns using the dinosaur “weapons” to launch boulders in an attempt to destroy each other's fortress. When all warriors of one side are knocked over, the battle is done. The winner must have at least one warrior miniature standing upright.

Jurassic Feud

“Catapult Kingdoms, now Catapult Feud, funded on Kickstarter four years ago and it's been quite a ride!” said Manos. “Since then, Catapult Feud has been published in 26 languages and sold over 150,000 games and expansions worldwide. We can not wait for people to start playing Jurassic Feud!”

Jurassic Feud is a stand-alone game, but is compatible with Catapult Feud and its expansions. Players may add Jurassic Feud to Catapult Feud for a four-player mega battle.

The Jurassic Feud Kickstarter campaign starts July 23 and ends August 8. The Kickstarter Edition pledge includes the base game, Pangea expansion, and all applicable stretch goals. Verified retailers qualify for a 50 percent discount, including stretch goals, with a minimum pledge of six Kickstarter Editions. Verified reviewers may also qualify for a discount on the pledge.

Jurassic Feud

“Remember, this is a game of construction destruction of plastic bricks and figures. Not your opponent, pets, or people who may foolishly pass through the field of battle!” said Manos with a smile.

Pre-launch page: https://www.hiveinteractive.net/projects/jurassic-feud-179

Follow on Kickstarter to be notified of launch: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vesuviusmedia/jurassic-feud

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