Catapult Kingdoms launches on Kickstarter July 2, 2020

Catapult Kingdoms

Halifax, Canada – Game publisher Vesuvius Media announced Catapult Kingdoms, its new boulder launching, castle smashing, dexterity game, goes live on Kickstarter July 2, 2020.

This game brings back memories of playing catapult games as a kid,” said Konstantinos Manos, CEO of Vesuvius Media. “Whether you're 4 or 94 years old, Catapult Kingdoms taps into your creativity and imagination. The war for the floor has begun once more!

Designed by Kristian Fosh (Escape from Flat Earth), Catapult Kingdoms is a 2-player game of last person standing. Players choose one of two families, either Chaufort or Cunningfields, then build a castle to fortify their troops. Using a catapult, players launch rubber boulders in an attempt to destroy their opponent's castle and knock over their troops. When all troops of one army are knocked down, the battle is over. The winning army must have at least one troop standing upright.

I've put in a lot of time and love creating Catapult Kingdoms,” said Fosh. “We debuted the prototype at Essen Spiel last year and the reaction was incredible. We had so much fun around the table as the construction and destruction reigned on the field of battle!

The Catapult Kingdoms Kickstarter campaign starts July 2 and ends July 27. The standard pledge ($35 USD) includes the core game and all applicable stretch goals. The deluxe edition pledge ($60 USD) includes the core game, the Siege expansion, and all applicable stretch goals. Verified retailers qualify for a 50 percent discount on the deluxe pledge, including stretch goals, with a minimum order of 4 games. Reviewers can also qualify for a discount on the deluxe edition pledge.

Remember, this is a game of construction/destruction of plastic bricks and figures. Not your opponent, pets, or people who may foolishly pass through the field of battle!” said Manos with a smile.

Follow this link to be notified of the Kickstarter launch:

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