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Catapult Feud Board Game

The hit game Catapult Feud becomes animated series

Halifax, NS – Board game publisher Vesuvius Media is teaming up with animation studio Composition Media to adapt Catapult Feud, the popular and critically acclaimed board game, into an animated television series of the same title.

“We are so excited to be working with the talented team at Composition Media,” said Konstantinos Manos, CEO of Vesuvius Media. “Their experience in the industry is solid, and their values and vision for the series align with our own. Catapult Feud is going to be a hit!”

Carl Reed, one of the producers of the Oscar-winning short Hair Love, and co-founder of Lion Forge Animation, recently launched Composition Media and is leading the development of the Catapult Feud animated series.

“I am incredibly excited to finally unveil our animation studio and showcase the incredible work our team has been pouring their hearts and souls into,” said Reed. “Our aim is to break the mold and elevate the art of animation by producing content that truly represents our audiences. But more than that, we want to push the boundaries of what animation can be. It’s time to move past the limitations of animation as just a genre and explore the limitless possibilities of this medium.”

Catapult Feud Animated Series Synopsis

Catapult Feud is a kids television program about two feuding families, the Cunningfields and the Chauforts, who compete with catapults and conspiracies to conquer each other to rule the Kingdom of Catapultia. The Cunningfield and Chaufort feud goes all the way back to the beginning days of Catapultia, but it’s today’s war that has everyone taking cover. The adults just can’t seem to get along, but it’s not the end of the world (yet), because the next generation of Cunningfields and Chauforts have a plan to bring the peace.

Catapult Feud Board Game

Winner of the prestigious Australian Toy Association's Game of the Year 2022, Catapult Feud the board game, also earned the Dice Tower (USA) and Imagination Gaming (UK) Seals of Approval.

In Catapult Feud, players build their castles out of plastic bricks, place their troops, load the catapults and use their cunning tactics to win the day! The objective is to knock down all of your opponent's troops by launching rubber boulders from catapults. More game-play variations available with game expansions.

First published in 2021, the game raised over $1 million USD through crowdfunding and is currently available in 27 languages, in 29 countries worldwide.

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