Centauri Saga board game 196% funded!

Centauri Saga Kickstarter Goal

Celebrations are taking place as Centauri Saga, the sci-fi 4X co-op board game based on the online game Universe Online, reached and surpassed its crowdfunding goal!

The final Kickstarter campaign total... $68,761 CAD!

“Thank you to everyone who contributed to our campaign, who shared it with their friends, made comments... to everyone who helped make Centauri Saga happen!” said Konstantinos Manos, CEO and Lead Game Designer at Vesuvius Media. “We did it together!”

Centauri Saga brings strategy in space and the battle against the Ravager to your table top. It is unique as it is one of the only sci-fi, 4X, co-op, adventure board games available.

“We are even more excited because both social goals and almost every stretch goal was unlocked!” said Manos. When Centauri Saga is shipped to backers in April 2016, the box will include the core game plus 4 extra game scenarios, 4 extra commanders, 4 starbase miniatures, and 4 boss miniatures. Also included will be information on how to access the online system Board Game Crafter where players will be able to create and share their own games scenarios, create custom cards, take part in competitions where the best new scenarios and game setups could be published, and more!

Although the Kickstarter campaign is over, the communication with players doesn't stop! As a community-driven indie game company, Vesuvius Media prides itself on listening to players and building great games together.

“Vesuvius Media is definitely what you would call an indie company, but we wear it like a badge of honour.” said Manos. “It has been a lot of work, and there's lots more work in front of us, but we feed off the positive energy of our players and we love what we do!”

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